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Winter 2014: Young Voices

The River

She is my heart.
She runs along my side
Always loyal, never leaving, not once stilling,
Bringing with her the memory
Of lands we left behind.

She sprays and cries, harsh against the wind,
And is as wild as the forest through which she flows.
She whispers like the women of the villages,
Yet is playful as the child within her calls.

I see her smile
When the nights bring forth her silvery sheen.
Her belly fills with a good rain, then she gives a bubbly laugh
As the rays of the sun dance against her froth.

The river, she scares me; I see her scream.
Her face, as white and wild as a hurricane; she is defiant,
Hurtling against her boundaries, her limits, her ravines,
And then her rage ceases, and she drifts.

She pours into the sea,
Where she dissolves into memory.

The river is a tale, one about myself.
We have seen so much together.
She has become part of who I am,
And I do not want us to empty out into the ocean.
Not yet.

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Multi-faceted, poignant and inspiring. We’ve caught thirteen never-before-published poems by twelve master-class voices.


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Young Voices

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        After the Ice Storm
 by Linda Strever

        Waiting for a Diagnosis by Linda Strever

        Anticipation by Penelope Scambly Schott

        How to Survive the Loss of Your Best Friend by Diane Averill

        Current Conditions by Carol Ellis

        For a Hot Shot by Susan DeFreitas

        Focal Distance by Jenna Thompson

        Bridge by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

        Motherhood by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Nice Girl Regrets by Pattie Palmer Baker

        Lost Child Lullabye by Tiah Lindner Rephael

        To Inhabit the Body by Willa Schneberg

        Love Letter by Annie Lightheart


        Like Water and Stones by B.E. Scully

        Messages by Mary Mandeville

        Fear Jars by Jessica Zisa

        Pie by Susan Lehman

        Confinement by Valerie Wagner


        Where the Buffalo and Unicorn Once Roamed by Katie Todd

        Midwestern Dreamin' by Katie Todd

        Monday's Child by Sarah Fagan

        Sweet Tea by Sarah Fagan

        The Daydream by Kendall Madden

        Beatrice by Kendall Madden


        Chinese Mangos by Sophia Mautz

        The Bridge by Kate LeBlanc

        Ephemeral by Jillian Briglia

        The River by Sheila Panyam

        Compost by Sophia Mautz