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Winter 2014: Young Voices

Chinese Mangoes

In an iris of the night,
waxy white light hums
brokenly over a hard metal sink.

Four girls are awoken by Beijing heat.
With crescent moons purple under their sleepy eyes,
they tiptoe clumsily into a modest kitchen,
stealing four large mangoes
from an ice bucket.

They are unsure how to peel them;
that duty had always been left to their mothers.
But now, isolated in dusk
with the cool fruit tempting them,
they use their fingers.
Blue nail polish chips
as they recklessly peel the mangoes,
unable to wait any longer
to taste the soft, flame-colored flesh.

Finally they lean
over a grandfather’s wide cooking sink,
each holding a juicy, freshly peeled, misshapen,
dripping mango.

In quiet suctions they rip
the flesh from its forgiving pit,
craning their necks like swans
towards fat elbows
to taste the dew trickling down,
too sweet and too crisp to fathom.

Liquid yellow moon outside,
are you watching over them?

One day these girls will venture into the dappled world -
will the mangoes then be as sweet
and crisp
and cool?

Four girls in the humid night
silently succumbing
to the sweetness of the mango
moon hanging in the
blackberry night. 

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        Focal Distance by Jenna Thompson

        Bridge by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

        Motherhood by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Nice Girl Regrets by Pattie Palmer Baker

        Lost Child Lullabye by Tiah Lindner Rephael

        To Inhabit the Body by Willa Schneberg

        Love Letter by Annie Lightheart


        Like Water and Stones by B.E. Scully

        Messages by Mary Mandeville

        Fear Jars by Jessica Zisa

        Pie by Susan Lehman

        Confinement by Valerie Wagner


        Where the Buffalo and Unicorn Once Roamed by Katie Todd

        Midwestern Dreamin' by Katie Todd

        Monday's Child by Sarah Fagan

        Sweet Tea by Sarah Fagan

        The Daydream by Kendall Madden

        Beatrice by Kendall Madden


        Chinese Mangos by Sophia Mautz

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        The River by Sheila Panyam

        Compost by Sophia Mautz