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Winter 2014: Poetry

Current Conditions

Their front yard fence with a rabbit hutch and a chain link fence and a number of rabbits running from my dogs on leash walking past because even Alice in Wonderland worked with a rabbit who was always late – held a watch pointing that out – especially to Alice who cared. I had an aunt named Alice – her nickname was Stormy – reflecting her independent streak that her family hated – besides she wore too much makeup and drove men into thinking about Ava Gardner and other wild women who pleased them – their breasts and hips easy enough to reach for – Stormy’s smile showed teeth and lips red lipsticked into commission. I watch a movie old enough to be my mother and see a man take out a white handkerchief from his pocket and wipe the kiss marks off his face and hope none was on his collar – the women wore white gloves – white gloves and their many fingers touching his arm then his face – someone is saying goodbye – leaving for war probably – the man in a uniform ready for blood – the man himself – hi soldier says a passerby passenger – no answer – what’s there to say when love leaps away – that grey rabbit over there leaping. Sometimes I take a pair of white gloves out of a drawer and wear them around a few rooms – then take them off – slide them back in the drawer – stare at them and the life they promised.

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Multi-faceted, poignant and inspiring. We’ve caught thirteen never-before-published poems by twelve master-class voices.


Five women share their talent and themselves in new, surprising and heartfelt ways.


Established craftswomen and aspiring visionaries add colorful richness to our most recent issue.

Young Voices

The lyrical language of five young poets will delight you.


Meet the authors and artists who make the Winter 2014 edition a rich, varied and engaging experience.

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        After the Ice Storm
 by Linda Strever

        Waiting for a Diagnosis by Linda Strever

        Anticipation by Penelope Scambly Schott

        How to Survive the Loss of Your Best Friend by Diane Averill

        Current Conditions by Carol Ellis

        For a Hot Shot by Susan DeFreitas

        Focal Distance by Jenna Thompson

        Bridge by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

        Motherhood by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Nice Girl Regrets by Pattie Palmer Baker

        Lost Child Lullabye by Tiah Lindner Rephael

        To Inhabit the Body by Willa Schneberg

        Love Letter by Annie Lightheart


        Like Water and Stones by B.E. Scully

        Messages by Mary Mandeville

        Fear Jars by Jessica Zisa

        Pie by Susan Lehman

        Confinement by Valerie Wagner


        Where the Buffalo and Unicorn Once Roamed by Katie Todd

        Midwestern Dreamin' by Katie Todd

        Monday's Child by Sarah Fagan

        Sweet Tea by Sarah Fagan

        The Daydream by Kendall Madden

        Beatrice by Kendall Madden


        Chinese Mangos by Sophia Mautz

        The Bridge by Kate LeBlanc

        Ephemeral by Jillian Briglia

        The River by Sheila Panyam

        Compost by Sophia Mautz