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Archived Issue: Winter 2014

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Letter from the Managing Editor

Bringing our fourth edition of Voicecatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions to life has been achieved through a wonderful collaboration of talents from our writers, artists and editorial staff. With over 125 poems, 25 prose pieces, 25 artistic masterpieces, as well as many young voices, the 200-plus submissions we received made us feel something, a visceral response to the artists’ work. We hope you will feel it, too.

Learning how to handle love and loss is a delicate, personal journey. Many writers in this issue have shared their emotional maps, letting you be the voyeur of their travels from bliss to agony and back again. Saying goodbye is difficult, and having the courage to open yourself up to love again can be even more challenging. The relationships shown here invite us to view life with open eyes and open hearts. It’s our wish that the moments represented will strike a chord within you and move you in unexpected ways.

Speaking of unexpected, you will be thrilled with the art gallery! Our guest Art Editor, Becky Vasquez, put together a visual feast for your eyes. Her expertise showed in the confidence and professionalism she exhibited throughout the entire process. This issue has introduced new mediums thanks to her skilled editorial choices.

Award-winning poet Donna Prinzmetal has graced us once again with her abilities to connect and mentor our Young Voices. How impressive it was to see her patiently encourage and guide these future award-winners.

Prose was headed by guest Co-Editors Anne Gudger and Christi Krug. Both of these women have strong publishing credits, gratefully including VoiceCatcher among them. Their diligence and enthusiasm in working with our published writers also spilled over into the extensive feedback they offered to the submitters whose work didn’t make it in to the journal. This submission window had a record number of feedback requests, and Anne and Christi received gratitude from many women in response to their suggestions.

The new position of Line Editor for prose was added this round. With her keen eyes and grammatical wizardry, guest Line Editor Helen Sinoradzki made each fiction and non-fiction offering concise, correct and consistent throughout the journal.

Darlene Pagán was our fearless leader on poetry again, welcoming two new guest Co-Editors, Gale Hemmann and Cindy Stewart-Rinier. They reviewed each poem submitted with great care and deliberate discussion on what the heart of the message was. The choices they bring to you today are full of that heart, asking us to evaluate our own lives, loves and losses. Being consummate poets themselves, they offer a knowledge of what rings true to the soul through the art form of poetry, and we are all the better for it.

We once again owe thanks to Deb Scott and her handy design work. Her technical knowledge has allowed this journal to thrive and become a vision made into a reality. Deb generously gives VoiceCatcher many hours so that the rest of us can enjoy the magic of art and beautiful words our published artists and writers have lent us.

Finally, we all want to acknowledge Carolyn Martin, our President Supreme and Commander in Chief. Her leadership and devotion has sustained this much needed community called VoiceCatcher. Thanks, Chief!

It was my honor to serve you as the Managing Editor for this edition of the journal. I am proud to say I was a part of this gorgeous creation that the writers, artists and editors made possible. Thank you for giving a piece of yourself to us all.

And thanks to our journal visitors. We so appreciate your support!

With much gratitude,

Lisa Maier
Managing Editor

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Multi-faceted, poignant and inspiring. We’ve caught thirteen never-before-published poems by twelve master-class voices.


Five women share their talent and themselves in new, surprising and heartfelt ways.


Established craftswomen and aspiring visionaries add colorful richness to our most recent issue.

Young Voices

The lyrical language of five young poets will delight you.


Meet the authors and artists who make the Winter 2014 edition a rich, varied and engaging experience.

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        After the Ice Storm
 by Linda Strever

        Waiting for a Diagnosis by Linda Strever

        Anticipation by Penelope Scambly Schott

        How to Survive the Loss of Your Best Friend by Diane Averill

        Current Conditions by Carol Ellis

        For a Hot Shot by Susan DeFreitas

        Focal Distance by Jenna Thompson

        Bridge by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

        Motherhood by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Nice Girl Regrets by Pattie Palmer Baker

        Lost Child Lullabye by Tiah Lindner Rephael

        To Inhabit the Body by Willa Schneberg

        Love Letter by Annie Lightheart


        Like Water and Stones by B.E. Scully

        Messages by Mary Mandeville

        Fear Jars by Jessica Zisa

        Pie by Susan Lehman

        Confinement by Valerie Wagner


        Where the Buffalo and Unicorn Once Roamed by Katie Todd

        Midwestern Dreamin' by Katie Todd

        Monday's Child by Sarah Fagan

        Sweet Tea by Sarah Fagan

        The Daydream by Kendall Madden

        Beatrice by Kendall Madden


        Chinese Mangos by Sophia Mautz

        The Bridge by Kate LeBlanc

        Ephemeral by Jillian Briglia

        The River by Sheila Panyam

        Compost by Sophia Mautz