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Current Issue: Summer 2016

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Letter from the Managing Editor

Welcome to the 9th issue of VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions.

VoiceCatcher is staffed entirely by a new cast of volunteer editors with each issue. There is a fresh breeze blowing through every edition, then, which keeps us open to new forms, styles, and ideas. As we managing editors work with the editorial teams for an issue, we get to revel in their smarts, their commitment, and their insights. We see the care with which they consider each piece, reading them multiple times and preparing comments that they first share with the team, and often, eventually, with the writers themselves. They lobby for pieces that move or excite them, demonstrating what aspects of the work - music in the language; its humor or pathos or both - feel new and affecting. For those submissions that we don’t accept, we offer writers the option to receive written feedback that we hope they can use to further refine a piece. Creating an issue, therefore, feels almost as much about the pieces that aren’t selected as it is shaped by those that are.

The works we present in this summer issue move us. They are poems, stories, and works of art that constitute a solid body held together by the voices of women from our community. They are about connections and loss, about the roles we inhabit as humans, primarily as women. They offer a tight focus on lives being lived, on instants of beauty, confusion, contentment, and change, and in so doing, they reveal broad truths. It is this drive to make meaning, after all, that compels us to create, and to seek out, art and literature.

We hope you will enjoy this issue.

Warmest regards,

Michelle Fredette and Jennifer Kemnitz
Co-Managing Editors

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A sampling of the powerful female creative force thriving in our region.


Six women dazzle us with both their honesty and humor.


Four artists use layering and process as metaphors for life beyond art.


Meet the fabulous women behind the voices and visions of our ninth issue.

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        Isabel's Purse by Deborah Akers

        refuge by Deborah Akers

        Kiteboarder at Road's End by Cathy Cain

        Caramel is Made at the Verge of Burning by Deborah Dombrowski

        Controlled Burn by Linda Drach

        Approaching Seventy by Carol Ellis

        Zygote by Nancy Flynn

        In Collision by Delia Garigan

        My Mother's Hair by Leanne Grabel

        Sheen by Leanne Grabel

        Allegiance by Melanie Green

        on my two thousand, seven hundred and fourth sabbath by Melanie Green

        Sitting Shiva on My Birthday by Andrea Hollander

        Laws of Physics by Andrea Hollander

        I Want to Unfold by Tricia Knoll

        My Stairway by Tricia Knoll

        Fancy by Barbara LaMorticella

        How to Know When You are Dreaming by Jone Rush MacCulloch

        Didn't We Touch Clouds? by Eileen Pettycrew

        Playlist by Suzanne Sigafoos

        No Exit by Charlotte Udziela

        Living Alone by Pat Phillips West

        My Husband's Handwriting by Pat Phillips West


        Let Me Explain by Carisa Miller

        The Itching by Elizabeth Scott

        Ben by Edee Lemonier

        The Passenger by Alex Behr

        Risk Takers by Ashley-Renee Cribbins

        Cooking Lessons by Joanna Rose


        Featured Art by Jeni Lee

        I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #1 by Katherine Mead

        I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #4 by Katherine Mead

        I Never Promised You a Rose Garden #5 by Katherine Mead

        Stasis by Sarah Laird

        Candescence by Sarah Laird

        Candescence (detail) by Sarah Laird

        Homage to Comfort Women Throughout the World by Carolyn Campbell

        The Beguiling Beauty of Life in Distress by Carolyn Campbell

        Reflections of Transitioning by Carolyn Campbell