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Summer 2016: Poetry

Didn’t We Touch Clouds?

Didn’t my father and I 
stand side by side 

on the red cotton picker
as he steered it through the rows?

We rode on the contraption 
high above the field 

as clatter thrummed my chest, 
drowned out my happy singing. 

The picker vacuumed the dry 
and open bolls, propelled 

cotton through dark channels 
into the metal basket on top, 

whose hinged jaws opened 
to dump its bounty 

into the trailer at field’s edge. 
We climbed into the trailer 

after each load, my father 
reaching into the basket 

to empty the last of the cotton, 
while I helped spread it out, 

and the day smelled of dirt
and twigs and sky. But 

my father remembers only 
a hard life hoisting 

hay bales, digging irrigation 
ditches, fixing the tractor 

that kept breaking down. 
His broken-down heart 

is a basket of regrets
that never empties. 

I break down my memory 
into its moving parts:

The valves and tubing 
of my father’s heart. 

A faint song rising 
from tender lungs. 

The silence 
of freshly picked cotton.

He and I touched clouds.
We held them in our hands.

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A sampling of the powerful female creative force thriving in our region.


Six women dazzle us with both their honesty and humor.


Four artists use layering and process as metaphors for life beyond art.


Meet the fabulous women behind the voices and visions of our ninth issue.

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