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Winter 2014: Poetry

Love Letter

I have written so many in my life, so many florid,
horrid outpourings of feeling to all the wrong suitors.
If even one of the those wrong hearts kept even one
foolish, earnest page, may the paper now ignite
and harmlessly, blamelessly crumble
into wordless ash in whatever drawer it lays,

because this is the true letter, the one that has taken
years to write, rising as it does from long marriage,
rising from its sleep the way you do at night
when the children call, or when I have left the door
open to the knocking wind, or when morning comes
and I find you already in the kitchen, washing
the dishes from the night before,
washing us clean as you whistle and sing.
There is only one page to this letter
as there is only one you, as there is only
one night sky faithfully unrolling above us
so that the moon, the one moon, can be seen
and be thanked, so that across the darkness
we can see what is whole and good, the endurance of light.

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        After the Ice Storm
 by Linda Strever

        Waiting for a Diagnosis by Linda Strever

        Anticipation by Penelope Scambly Schott

        How to Survive the Loss of Your Best Friend by Diane Averill

        Current Conditions by Carol Ellis

        For a Hot Shot by Susan DeFreitas

        Focal Distance by Jenna Thompson

        Bridge by Jennifer Liberts Weinberg

        Motherhood by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Nice Girl Regrets by Pattie Palmer Baker

        Lost Child Lullabye by Tiah Lindner Rephael

        To Inhabit the Body by Willa Schneberg

        Love Letter by Annie Lightheart


        Like Water and Stones by B.E. Scully

        Messages by Mary Mandeville

        Fear Jars by Jessica Zisa

        Pie by Susan Lehman

        Confinement by Valerie Wagner


        Where the Buffalo and Unicorn Once Roamed by Katie Todd

        Midwestern Dreamin' by Katie Todd

        Monday's Child by Sarah Fagan

        Sweet Tea by Sarah Fagan

        The Daydream by Kendall Madden

        Beatrice by Kendall Madden


        Chinese Mangos by Sophia Mautz

        The Bridge by Kate LeBlanc

        Ephemeral by Jillian Briglia

        The River by Sheila Panyam

        Compost by Sophia Mautz