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Summer 2014: Poetry

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After we poetry editors selected 19 poems for this fifth edition of VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions, we searched for a unifying theme. We were like guests invited to a dinner party who expected foods that were clearly American or Greek or Thai or Mexican. We found, instead, that each poem slid across our tongues leaving us with a diversity of tastes from the sweet to the evocative to the haunting.

What could be sweeter than “I am older/now/ some forbearance/for the/ Fall” from Melanie Green’s “Out Of Eden,” or “… the way rain finds its way/ to roots” from Cindy Stewart-Rinier’s “Under the Tongue.”

What could be more evocative than “We couldn’t tell/ the difference between tears and the ocean” from Linda Strever in “What Cape Alava Was Like Then,” or “It is time for winter swell/ to pull back and crest/ into one perfect/ wave of understanding/ between us” from Burky Achilles in “ʻAʻā.”

And what could more haunting than “The pot is black where flames have bruised it  "from Margaret Chula’s “Still Life,” or “… how this woman holds silence/ in her upturned palms” from Penelope Scambly Schott’s “Mother of the Drowned Child.”

You will find that these – and every poem in this issue – will satisfy your appetite for writing that brings our very human lives to the table. So read, dear reader. Dinner is served.

Emily Pittman Newberry, Pattie Palmer-Baker and Wendy Thompson
Guest Poetry Co-Editors

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Sweet, evocative, haunting: Delight in 19 poems to please every palate.


What does it take to be a woman, sister, mother, child, lover and friend? Share the struggles six non-fiction writers have with these roles.


Five local artists, a variety of media, and new insights into our world. Enjoy the unique visions of these extraordinary women.

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Savor the poetry and prose of five talented young authors whose voices you will want to hear again and again.


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        Out of Eden by Melanie Green

        Under the Tongue by Cindy Stewart-Rinier

        it wasn’t the rain by Ann Sinclair

        And the King Was in the Counting House by Geraldine Foote

        Aurelia Aurita: Moon Jelly by Lois Rosen

        What Cape Alava Was Like Then by Linda Strever

        ʻAʻā by Burky Achilles

        Still Life With Cabbage by Margaret Chula

        Mother of the Drowned Child by Penelope Scambly Schott

        Summer, When Green Turns by Cindy Stewart-Rinier

        Relic by Jennifer Foreman

        From the yes column of “is there a god?” checklist by Jennifer Foreman

        Binders Full of Women by Shawn Aveningo

        Even in February Every Woman Wants to Be a Feast by Claudia Savage

        Weddings I Have Ruined by Tanya Jarvik

        Thicker Than Water by Claudia Savage

        Weekend Wayfarers by Elizabeth Stoessl

        Wordscape by Tanya Jarvik

        Talking Herself into Onward by Melanie Green


        Tribes by Thea Constantine

        Carnage by Heidi Beierle

        Owyhee Barbie by Marylynne Diggs

        Permeable Divide by Kamala Bremer

        Pepper Anderson Meets the Amazon by Linda Ferguson

        The Day I Stopped Typing by Kate Comings


        Brooke by Oriana Lewton-Leopold

        Elizabeth by Oriana Lewton-Leopold

        Silence Considered by Carole Murphy

        The Egg Sisters by Carole Murphy

        Garden Gate by Koka Filipovic

        Purple Shade in the Garden by Koka Filipovic

        Untitled with a Flamingo by Amy Robinson

        It's My Party by Amy Robinson


        A Work of Art by Leilani Garcia

        What the Bees Did to Me by Colette Au

        Things I never said by Molly Benson

        Wabi-Sabi by Janet Webster

        Foresters by Sophia Mautz