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Summer 2015: Young Voices


Three hundred and sixty-one days a year
I know what home means
(a house, a dog, a two-car garage).
One box with windows, drawn in crayon,
and a chimney that never existed, and the smiley-faced yellow sun,
and five potato-people with hair and eyes (two big, three small)
holding hands and wearing smiles
that are mostly real but not always.

Four days a year
I know what home means
(a pine tree, a star, a dusty gravel road).
Seven triangles with flaps, a high-resolution photograph,
and a fire that does exist, and the sun, shattered in droplets on the ground,
and seventeen silhouettes with towels and boots (all big, all small)
linking arms and wearing smiles
that are mostly real.

Three hundred and sixty-one days a year
the way home is easy and short. 
No need to carry much.
The ceilings have glow-in-the-dark stars and little hanging planets. It is warm and dry
and the stairs are up to code. The people lie on old green couches
or else wander through a forest of metal and glass and light
and talk around the world.
They know everything and nothing.

Four days a year
the way home is backbreaking and breathtaking.
Carry everything.
Meteors fizz across the sky and loop between planets. It is hot and cold
and the path fights through boulder-strewn snowfields. The people lie on blown-up rafts
or else wander through a forest of green and water and light
and talk about the world.
They know everything.

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As hot as the summer sun, 13 poets breathe light into the darkness.


Tending to the worn, imperfect edges of life, five writers grapple with perimeters.


Like a swarm of bees or a flock of birds: four artists layer meaning through detail.

Young Voices

Four teens observe their world and put words to page like only young voices can.


From emerging to established writers – meet the women behind our seventh issue’s voices and visions.

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        My Water Children by Emily Ransdell

        Upon Finding the House Where Cousin Viola Lived During the Holocaust by Marilyn Johnston

        Pornography by Tammy Robacker

        Attention by Juleen Johnson

        Levine Under Erasure by Juleen Johnson

        Chief Joseph's Flute by Stella Jeng Guillory

        Communion by Livia Montana

        The Stars in Your Voice by Cindy Hines

        How I Wasted My Life by Nancy Flynn


        The Honor of Armadillos by B.E. Scully

        Basket of Shells by Joanna Rose

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