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Current Issue: Summer 2015

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Letter from the Managing Editor

The reasons we are drawn to the act of creation are as diverse as the mediums we work in, the things we create. But however differently we make art, in a world that frequently asks us to be passive consumers, our drive to create is a radical act of agency.

In the Summer 2015 issue of VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions, we are proud to bring you a diverse and powerful selection from the area’s women writers and artists. In this issue, you will find 13 poets, five prose writers, four visual artists and four young voices who explore the intricacies of materials, form and language to stunning effect.

From the exquisite detail found in the work of featured artist Beth Yahzadi to the woven threads of language that pull us into the world of Susan DeFrietas’ "Concentric," these writers and artists explore the process of layering — or in the case of Juleen Johnson’s "Levine Under Erasure," the process of stripping away — to more fully look at the human experience.

Much like the artists, poets and writers of this journal, VoiceCatcher, as an organization, is composed of many whose individual passions and skills come together to make a vibrant whole. Look beyond this big picture at the exquisite detail and you see countless quiet, one-on-one moments between individuals that characterize what makes VoiceCatcher so special to us all.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary year, we encourage you to stay involved — read the journal, attend our events, contribute a blog post for the community website, volunteer or suggest a way for VoiceCatcher to reach more women in the community. Your participation is important and necessary to our work.

Thank you for traveling on this journey with us and for helping claim a space where women are free to explore their potential. Enjoy your summer and keep creating.

Warmest regards,

Tiah Lindner Raphael
Managing Editor

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As hot as the summer sun, 13 poets breathe light into the darkness.


Tending to the worn, imperfect edges of life, five writers grapple with perimeters.


Like a swarm of bees or a flock of birds: four artists layer meaning through detail.

Young Voices

Four teens observe their world and put words to page like only young voices can.


From emerging to established writers – meet the women behind our seventh issue’s voices and visions.

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        One Gd At A Time
 by Stephanie Glazier

        Gotcha by Darla Mottram

        It's Ok To Be A Waterfall by Darla Mottram

        Lot's Wife by Cindy St. Onge

        Sailor by Sarah Bokich

        Six More Weeks by Sarah Borsten

        Here. Now. by Emily Ransdell

        My Water Children by Emily Ransdell

        Upon Finding the House Where Cousin Viola Lived During the Holocaust by Marilyn Johnston

        Pornography by Tammy Robacker

        Attention by Juleen Johnson

        Levine Under Erasure by Juleen Johnson

        Chief Joseph's Flute by Stella Jeng Guillory

        Communion by Livia Montana

        The Stars in Your Voice by Cindy Hines

        How I Wasted My Life by Nancy Flynn


        The Honor of Armadillos by B.E. Scully

        Basket of Shells by Joanna Rose

        How to Cure Cancer by Susan Fleming

        Nobody by Judith Pulman

        Concentric by Susan DeFreitas


        Exoskeleton by Rachel Mulder

        Give Up the Queen and Nobody Gets Hurt by Rachel Mulder

        Give Up the Queen and Nobody Gets Hurt (detail) by Rachel Mulder

        Put Me in Your Blue Skies by S. Tudyk

        Time Grows Over Memories by S. Tudyk

        Untitled Work in Paper by S. Tudyk

        Mamas Day by Diana Bustos

        Untitled by Diana Bustos

        Release by Diana Bustos


        Somewhere by Danrong Wang

        Runner by Sara Reed

        Charcoal by Meghana Mysore

        Infinite Ink by Meghana Mysore

        Home by Kate Pippenger