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Summer 2015: Artwork

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The art in our Summer 2015 issue relies on the amassment of repeated marks and actions. As each woman builds up small parts to make whole compositions, I am reminded of swarms of bees and flocks of birds: individuals joining into a new, beautiful, powerful force.

Rachel Mulder's unique brand of portraiture is made on an old typewriter. Carefully planned grids of letters, numbers, and grammatical marks grow into women's bodies on dozens of leaves of paper installed side-by-side. I think of the satisfying click of each keystroke as these figures emerge through the act of typing.

S. Tudyk also uses letters as form over function. In a series of paintings featuring pieces of paper, she sometimes riffs cursive handwriting drills of school days past in homage to the repeated action of the hand. In other works, hash marks tracking some unknown tally fill the paper.

Collage artist Diana Bustos chops found photographic material with a heavy hand and overlays forms to create eerie but liberating Wonderland-ish scenes. I am reminded of Dada artist Hannah Höch's iconic collage Cut with a Kitchen Knife – the title a non-apologetic description of how Höch's imagery was sourced.

Our cover artist, Beth Yazhari, sews seed beads onto paintings to create three-dimensional mandalas. The thought of such small materials and hand movements amalgamating and transforming into something large and meditative is inspiring.

I hope you enjoy the processes, as well as the products, featured in the season's journal.

Sarah Fagan
Art Editor

Featured Art by Beth Yazhari

Beth Yazhari makes art that celebrates reflection, craftsmanship and time-consuming labor in the pursuit of beauty. She strives to make spiritually uplifting art, to create oases of beauty and wonder in a frenetic society increasingly in need of both.

Discarded doilies and remnants of embroidered fabrics are a source of inspiration to her; by rescuing them and recycling them into her beaded paintings, She hopes to honor and collaborate with the creative spirit of past generations of women from around the world whose handiwork has often been ignored because it was not created to be displayed in a gallery.

Enjoy a sampling of Beth Yazhari's work in VoiceCatcher's Featured Artist Gallery:

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        One Gd At A Time
 by Stephanie Glazier

        Gotcha by Darla Mottram

        It's Ok To Be A Waterfall by Darla Mottram

        Lot's Wife by Cindy St. Onge

        Sailor by Sarah Bokich

        Six More Weeks by Sarah Borsten

        Here. Now. by Emily Ransdell

        My Water Children by Emily Ransdell

        Upon Finding the House Where Cousin Viola Lived During the Holocaust by Marilyn Johnston

        Pornography by Tammy Robacker

        Attention by Juleen Johnson

        Levine Under Erasure by Juleen Johnson

        Chief Joseph's Flute by Stella Jeng Guillory

        Communion by Livia Montana

        The Stars in Your Voice by Cindy Hines

        How I Wasted My Life by Nancy Flynn


        The Honor of Armadillos by B.E. Scully

        Basket of Shells by Joanna Rose

        How to Cure Cancer by Susan Fleming

        Nobody by Judith Pulman

        Concentric by Susan DeFreitas


        Exoskeleton by Rachel Mulder

        Give Up the Queen and Nobody Gets Hurt by Rachel Mulder

        Give Up the Queen and Nobody Gets Hurt (detail) by Rachel Mulder

        Put Me in Your Blue Skies by S. Tudyk

        Time Grows Over Memories by S. Tudyk

        Untitled Work in Paper by S. Tudyk

        Mamas Day by Diana Bustos

        Untitled by Diana Bustos

        Release by Diana Bustos


        Somewhere by Danrong Wang

        Runner by Sara Reed

        Charcoal by Meghana Mysore

        Infinite Ink by Meghana Mysore

        Home by Kate Pippenger