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Summer 2015: Young Voices

Infinite Ink

No one is telling me what to write.
This pen possesses infinite ink.
These eyes possess infinite insight.
No one is telling me what to think.
This brain possesses infinite thought.
No one is telling my ears what to listen to.
These ears hear the sounds of
a thousand generations.
If, tomorrow,
I woke up as God, I would resign my position
immediately. I would not want to decide
the course of billions of lives; I would want
simply to hide. To be a crawling ant
in a forgotten crevice. To climb an unbounded
ladder, knowing not what waits
at the top. To be the serene water
in a stretching sea. To be a faraway star
in a distant planet. To glow with the force
of a billion beating human hearts
and believe that human potential is infinite.
No one told me to write this poem. No one
told my hands to type these words on this
keyboard. No one told me to gravitate
towards words as if they can sustain me
and no one told me that something, or someone,
limits my potential.
A destitute man
sits on the muddied concrete of the sidewalk.
Who am I to tell him that circumstance constricts him?
Who is Fate to limit his potential to a mathematical formula,
to the distance between point A and point B?
I believe his potential is infinite.
I believe that one day, he will rise
from the muddied concrete. One day,
he will rise and we will rise and we will know
that poverty exists only in the minds of those
who prize circumstance over infinite ink
and he will rise and we will rise and we will know
that A and B are just letters of the alphabet and we have yet to traverse
all this distance in between.

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Young Voices

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