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Winter 2016: Poetry

At Home

At home, the old knife knew its way around a tomato.
The salad bowls lined up like soldiers on the counter.
In charge, the bossy pressure cooker, with its steam whistle,
set the pace. Preening radish flowers,
pats of butter, well-dressed table, ashtrays at the ready,
cocktail glasses whispering about the guests to arrive.

And then the doorbell, coats find their way to the closet,
whiskery stale kisses that can’t be avoided,
ice cubes dance into glasses, olives into martinis,
the cheese and crackers partner up effortlessly
and slide onto little plates, cocktail napkins sidle up,
a loud voice startles a wine glass that shatters,
is swept up and forgotten.

Now, the plates and silverware jump into action,
glasses fill and empty and fill again,
pats of butter find their way into baked potatoes,
plates corral the rolling peas and
anchor the tablecloth, hold everything in place.

After, the shapely Chemex comes out with her
retinue of demitasse cups and saucers,
tiny silver spoons. Brandy, too, with her
snifters, and they stare at each other,
haughty and proud, until they find themselves
back on the cluttered kitchen counter top
reduced to lipstick smudges and coffee grounds.

One by one, the coats seek out their owners,
help them to their cars. Now, the dishwasher takes charge,
ordering all the plates and silverware,
cups and platters, each into its rightful sliver of space,
making room for the last spoon and spatula
before closing its door and shifting into gear.

The sponges drag themselves across the Formica,
ashtrays empty into the garbage,
the house takes a deep breath,
the windows rattle and release a bit of hot air
into the wintery night.

Quiet now, the rug and couches inch closer together
to stay warm as the house sleeps.

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Celebrating nature, home and the cycles of life – twenty poets light the winter night.


Six stories use magic to explore loss, grief and healing.


With imagery of flora and fauna, four artists animate the winter landscape.

Young Voices

Five young women dig deep to each speak their individual truth .


From emerging to established writers – meet the women behind our eighth issue’s voices and visions.

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        Lesson by Stacey Vallas

        Stardust by Erin Iwata

        Perspective by Carolyn Martin

        Lacrosse Season by Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo

        The Tangled Path by Suzanne LaGrande

        Matched Set by Tanya Jarvik

        False Bus Stop by Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo

        Last Visit by Erin Iwata

        October Walk with My Mother by Ann Sinclair

        First Rothko Exercise by Elizabeth McLagan

        Fractions by Susan Blackaby

        Tea by Melineh Yemenidjian

        Return by Stacey Vallas


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        The Storm by Elie Doubleday