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Archived Issue: Summer 2013

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Letter from the Editors

The Summer 2013 edition of VoiceCatcher: a journal of women’s voices & visions takes the reader on one wild ride after another – from the musical genius of a canary to the lives of sperm; from an elderly dad in a nursing home to another father drinking whiskey while driving 120 miles per hour. Once again, we were dazzled by the creative expressions and diversity of topics shown through our contributors’ prose, poetry, art and young voices. Brava!

We were fortunate to have two guest editors join us for this issue.

Our prose genius, Liz Prato, took on the plethora of fiction and non-fiction submissions with a huge smile. She is an acclaimed teacher and author whose sharp eye and keen sense of timing, as well as excellent editing skills, helped us create a prose section that you are sure to enjoy.

Tonia Twigger McConnell lent us her expertise in all things artistically beautiful, whether that meant a brilliant oil painting, subdued watercolor or contrasting photography. Her many years as a teacher, traveler and photographer have given her a vast collage of knowledge. She has edited a lovely gallery for your eyes to feast on.

We also welcomed our new Young Voices editor, Donna Prinzmetal. Donna brings to the table both her fine skills as a writing teacher and as an award-winning poet. Our Young Voices submitters gained the benefit of her careful and encouraging assistance, while learning what it really takes to become a published writer. We thank them all for making VoiceCatcher even better.

Finally, we are grateful to the inspirational design work of Deb Scott who has turned each edition of our journal into a work of art. Without her technical expertise we never would have tackled an online format that provides a place for local women – from the newly skilled to the experienced pro – to share their stories and connect to other writers and thinkers from a variety of backgrounds.

As editors, we are proud that every submission was read and responded to with care, whether or not it was accepted. We look forward to seeing those that were not included either return to us in an edited version or find a home elsewhere.

Finally, we are delighted with the choices we made for this issue and anticipate sharing many more of your voices and visions in the future.


Lisa Maier, Carolyn Martin, Darlene Pagán, Celina Wigle
VoiceCatcher Co-editors

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Rich, strong, poignant, humorous and inspiring. We’ve caught twenty never-before-published poems by sixteen unique voices.


Seven talented women search for themselves in their bodies, their family, themselves.


Established dynamos and aspiring voices add colorful visions to our third issue.

Young Voices

Language leaps off the page in the poetry and prose of five young authors who delight in sensory detail.


Meet the authors and artists who make this Summer 2013 edition a rich, varied and engaging experience.

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        Abandoned Church by Tanya Jarvik

        Commencement by Kelly Running

        Depoe Bay by Wendy Thompson

        Directive by Cristina White

        Hawk Moth by Wendy Thompson

        How to Recycle Love Letters by Jennifer Dorner

        I Swapped a '74 Mustang for This by Jennifer Fulford

        Polaroid of My Mother by Cindy Stewart-Rinier

        Lover, Molester, and Maidens (Haibun) by Margaret Chula

        Savory by Pat Phillips West

        Seascape by Marjorie Power

        Suspended by Grace Kuhns

        The Hand-Off by Pattie Palmer-Baker

        The Ride by Linda Ferguson

        The Ticking Shirt by Tricia Knoll

        Three Facts about Sperm by Ursula Whitcher

        Three True Stories by Penelope Scambly Schott

        Today at the Library by Pat Phillips West

        Trapped Birds by Grace Kuhns

        You, who will be alive and reading after I'm gone by Penelope Scambly Schott


        After the World Ends by Kait Heacock

        Something Permanent by Ashley-Renée Cribbins

        Your Hand at Your Throat by Karen Guth

        Black Sharpie by Anne Gudger

        Diagnosis by Helen Sinoradzki

        For He's a Jolly Good Fellow by Laura Stanfill

        Breathing Underwater by Valerie Wagner


        Unity by Anne John

        Rearguard by Anne John

        Speculation by Anne John

        Wire by Jocelyn White

        Taitian Trio by Nani Chesire

        Catch Your Breath by Nani Chesire


        We Will Read to You by Rebecca Cleveland-Stout

        Strawberry Party by Natalie Lerner

        A Young Night by Clara Beaumont

        Beach Wanderer by Isabella Waldron

        Light and Dark by Colette Au