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Fall 2012: Young Voices

Fishing Float

You are a green glass balloon, a lone bubble in a ball of sealed breath. You are a surface of hills and valleys, a cooled liquid. A frosted face and even skin.

You are old.

You were at sea, bobbing in the water under rain and stormy skies with a line to separate tempests and fish. You are a sailor's safety. You are thick. You are stained and dirty and dense. You own the shadows of the night sky.

Once you belonged to a gray-bearded man sitting on a steel stool, wrapping you around an iron pole and offering you his last breath. You took his air inside you and he gave you shape and meaning and life before he threw you into the ocean. You floated. Bobbed up and down, and your moment was the storm. The storm that let you ride on waves, swinging you into the sky. And you liked to circle in the salt water, make friends with kelp and gasp for air. And you liked to trick the sailors into wanting crab, and they would reach in and grab you and you would laugh, spin in their hands and dive back down until the pressure of water shot you up. You landed on the beach. And the rain cleaned you and you sat. You waited and waited and sat and waited for something. The old man's breath inside you.

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Fourteen poets fill this section with mothers, daughters, sons; with dreams, promises, hauntings; with joy, pain and what lies in between.


I am a world creator ... . I am a voice finder. (S. H. Aeschliman, “On Voice”) Meet five prose writers who will guide you into unique worlds and invite you to hear their creative voices.


Three photographers and two painters make the pages of this journal sparkle with color, light, variety.

Young Voices

We are proud to introduce five emerging writers whose work shows a depth of talent and creativity that will delight you.


Here are the 27 authors and artists whose work make our first online issue so extraordinary.

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        To the Friend Who Talked Me Down by Amy Schutzer

        Memorial Day on South Greeley Avenue by Penelope Scambly Schott

        Lost Rubies by Deborah Brink Wöhrmann

        Everything between your palms by Jaime R. Wood

        315C by Kristen Roedell

        In 4th Grade, Sally Teaches Me the Bases by Betsy Fogelman Tighe

        Swan Song by Jaime R. Wood

        We by Carrie Padian

        The Supplicant by Emily Pittman Newberry

        Jailhouse Call by Kelly Running

        spoon by Brandi Katherine Herrera

        my in mind ungrammared kiss by Melanie Green

        Beyond Reach by Leah Stensen

        You must give up your dead by Kristin Roedell

        Tree Ghosts by Tricia Knoll

        Personal Interview by Penelope Scambly Schott

        Fairy Tale I Haven't Read Yet by Donna Prinzmetal


        One Small Thing Right by Nicole Rosevear

        How Mom Played Sad by Sally K. Lehman

        Running with Dragons by Trista Cornelius

        High Priest by Robin Schauffler

        On Voice by S.H. Aeschliman


        Lush iii by Tina Tran

        The Commuter by Denise Hrouda

        Which Witch by Denise Hrouda

        The Center of Two by Jolyn Fry

        A Knot Unties by Jolyn Fry


        weight bags by Calli Storrs

        No Parking by Frances Bringloe

        Falling in Love by Chaquita McClendon

        Go On Then, Gunslinger by Allison Stein

        Fishing Float by Sage Freeburg